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Nordstrom, inc. is 1 of the state's leading fashion clothing shops, with 170 countrywide shops in 28 states. Started in 1901 as a shoe shop in Seattle, these days Nordstrom manages 110 Full-Line stores, 50 Nordstrom racks, two jeffrey boutiques and two clearance stores. Nordstrom's major product types include males and females clothing, shoes, handbags, beauty, and fragrances. also offers a designer collection area offering designs from top brand name clothes.

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The establishment of the brand has been laid in 20th century by its bright founders named as W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin. Originally the brand was a shoe store. Later on, it has transformed itself into a dedicated fashion wear store. Now a buyer can find any type of clothing along with accessories like purses, beauty products, cologne, perfumes etc.

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